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Zipline Lifesaving Deliveries by Drone

Photo Credit: Zipline, flyzipline.com/. Article Credit: “Lifesaving Deliveries by Drone.” Zipline, flyzipline.com/. In 2014, was created Zipline to deliver medicine to those who need it most. Since then,...

Drone Delivery Canada Completes Successful Test in New York

Drone delivery from the Great White North is one step closer to reality. Drone Delivery Canada recently completed a successful set of test flights of delivery drones at Griffiss International Airport in New York.

Boeing built a giant drone that can carry 500 pounds of cargo

Boeing today unveiled a giant drone that’s capable of lifting a 500 pound payload. Calling it an “unmanned electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) cargo air vehicle...

Johns Hopkins Drone Flies Blood Across 161 Miles of Arizona Desert

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have completed what is thought to be the single longest medical drone delivery flight. With a flight time of...


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